Website Design Process

Web Design Process

Creating a website is like designing an interior of your store. It needs a process from start to finish, me and you together to design a beautiful website. You know your business better than anyone else your knowledge will help craft a website which will help you grow your business in a long run.


Getting your requirements

We will discuss about what you need in a website. How many pages you need? What are your goals? What type of website you need? I also need example websites, color scheme, pictures and content.


Price and Initial Payment

After review I will give you an estimate cost. I’ll then ask for initial payment it could be 40% or 50% depends which payment plan you choose.


Question & Answer phase

I will ask many questions to know more about your business. How your process works? About Fonts, Design, Pictures, Content etc. We will work together to make the best website for your business.


Development Phase

In this phase I will construct your website design and we will review and see how it works on various platforms. Here your input and my design abilities will let me finalize your website design and development.


Let me know about your requirements to start your website design